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Our tacos are made crispy or soft, just the way you like!Taco Salad - 0070b

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In the mood for a healthy dish? Add our seasoned green beans!0025

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Ribs are one of our specialties! Try our tasty recipe todayfeatured2

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Try our authentic Louisiana submarine sandwiches!Shrimp Boboi - 0050b

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Warm yourself up with our delicious homemade soups!iStock_000021895482XSmall

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iStock_000013307016XSmallTake a look at our party platters

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All sandwiches are served witShrimp Boboi - 0050bh choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers.

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Try Homemade Soup!

Try a new, homemade delicious soup every day at Cajun Cajun!iStock_000021895482XSmall

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